The Red Alert – Emergency Service Description: When the red alert service is purchased you instantly gain a high priority SMTP-JET servicing slot. We stop all we are doing, re-schedule other clients as required. A Technical Service Engineer is assigned to contact you as soon as possible and engage in the issue as quickly as possible. We will do all required troubleshooting on our end and facilitate other service providers as needed to assist in the issue.

Note- The Red Alert Service is a “Bump Escalation” service and you may incur other costs depending on the situation or root cause of the issue in order to resolve the technical issues you are experiencing.

Any MSP services you are currently subscribed to are included as part of the escalation service, as well as facilitation of engaging other service providers on phone calls or scheduling services needed to resolve issues. If other service providers, parts, onsite service, etc… are needed you will need to pay for those separately and apart from our red alert service as we have no special pricing, contracts, or partnerships with these companies or individuals.

Requirements: CLIENT JOINED and MSP Monthly or Annual Subscription Service

Client Joined requirements: You are subscribed and registered with SMTP-JET, and SMPT-JET has completed an environment survey for your site.

Managed Service Subscription: You have a monthly or annual subscription service with SMTP-JET.

Please See the FORMS area for documents that need filled out and submitted.

Price of service may include any of the following:

Computer repair, help, computer tune-up, virus, malware, rootkits or other nefarious apps or scripts, printer setup, printer troubleshooting or repair, new computer user profile and configuration setup, user profile manual data back or restore, help and setup with various online accounts or support, Operating System install or re-install, software installations or uninstalls, computer hard drive resets, or anything not listed that you may have need of. However, if not listed here specifically we will need to discuss that in more detail to determine if we can provide that request for you.

Our Honest Recommendation

To be of most help to you We Strongly Recommend you join as a Client Member. Here is why we suggest this for you. When a website visitor contacts us and requests support the customer/requestor chooses a service, one of our technicians remotely connects, performs the repairs, and payment is made to us.

We do not keep logs or records of your computer name, type, model, specifications. Nor do we keep help desk log files or transcriptions, installed applications, and much more. This means each call is always starting out gathering enough information to figure out what is going on. It also means that the type of model of computer maintenance you are supplying for yourself is emergency-mode only service or limited as-needed. We do not recommend this type of PC maintenance behavior as it usually leads to a catastrophic failure at some point in time.

Computer ownership, by nature of its fallibility, has a cost-of-ownership associated with it. There is an initial purchase price cost of the computer. PC ownership also has a performance cost associated with it. If a computer is not maintained to run optimally, then performance suffers, decreasing usability and productivity. User training, power consumption, PC operator costs, and support costs are other types of costs that need to be factored in when determining the total business costs of owning, maintenance, and use of technology equipment for your business.

By partnering closely with us we will offer you sales specials, discounted prices, perks, giveaways, contests, referral programs, recycling marketplace, and more. More importantly, we will take care and concern for your business needs because of our valued relationship together and go above and beyond to help you in any way possible with your business or IT-related needs.

Types of Clients Served

  • Website-A website users find us and request services.
  • Subscribers-A website user who subscribes for newsletters, Sales, Perks, Giveaways, Email, and/or SMS Notifications.
  • Client Joined-A customer who is fully registered with us as a client but not on a Managed Services Plan
  • Managed Services Clients-A customer who is fully registered with us and is on a Managed Services Plan.

Note- There may be users, customers who are in one or more of these categories.